for teachers

If you are planning on teaching the basics of programming, our courses are well suited for it. We offer a high quality learing material and very thorough assignment sets which our system can automatically review around the clock!

Using MOOCs in your classroom

You can utilize most of our materials freely. Most of them are licensed with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA -license, but check the course materials for confirmation. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA -licence means that you can use the materials either as is or modify them to better suit your teaching purposes as long as you preserve the information of the original creators in the materials, and the usage is non-commercial.

You can host our courses in your learning institution with your own deadlines, free of charge for now. We develop the process continuously. Hosting your own programming course has never been this easy!

MOOCs are a great tool for teachers. Our automatic assessment system enables the teacher to focus on the actual teaching and personal guidance of students.

How to host your own course

You can create your own course instance to our automatic assessment system Test My Code (TMC). We offer ready-to-use course packages, which you can use as a template to create your own course instance with your own deadlines to suit your schedule. TMC automatically assesses your students' submissions and provides them feedback instantly. It also provides you with a point list to make it easier for you to follow your students' progress.

The course package includes full course materials and exercise sets tailored for the materials. The course materials are openly readable for everyone online, but the exercises require that your students register to

As a teacher you can see the exercises with model solutions, and see all of your students' exercise submissions and points. You can also control when the exercises become available and unavailable to fit your course schedule.

Test My Code (TMC)

Test My Code is an automatic assessment system, that handles the automatic assessment and feedback for the course exercises. For teachers, it offers the possibility to create an organization for their learning institution and to create courses for the organization. This way it is easier to follow your students' progress and manage your course schedules.

After creating an organization for your learning institution, you can give other teachers permissions to create and manage courses and the organization. You can also grant permissions for course assistants per course.

Creating your own course

Begin by registering to the website make sure that your learning institution doesn't already have an organization.

If it does, ask a teacher from your organization to add you as a teacher. We try to avoid situations where schools have multiple organizations in the system. Follow our system's teacher manual on how to create an organization and your first course.

Teacher manual